April 8, 2014


How Step Rockets remain both unsigned and unmanaged is one of the great mysteries of the universe to us. The Minneapolis four-piece arrived on the scene with an alt radio smash-in-waiting towards the end of last year on “Kisser”, a track that nearly 500,000 Soundcloud spins later still feels like it could go to radio tomorrow and be tearing up the charts in no time. Today, they return to show they’re no one-trick pony on follow-up burner “Heart Attack Again”, which opens with a club rap hip-hop swagger before transforming into a smooth-talking 80’s pop record of big hooks and bigger synths. It’s a perfectly-formed sidekick to the chart-baiting pop supremacy of “Kisser”, and yet another reason y’all need to take a closer look at what’s brewing up there in Minneapolis. Exclusive premiere below.

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