September 12, 2013


Last year Columbia commissioned Xaphoon Jones for a remix of Passion Pit’s “Constant Conversations”. As it turned out, it was arguably his best remix to date, but as is unfortunately sometimes the case with these things, it still hasn’t found its way out into the world. So to celebrate the biggest release day of his career last month (with his two cuts – “You Don’t Know” featuring Ellie Goulding and “Toyota Music” on Big Sean‘s Hall of Fame – and his “Tesselate” cover of Alt-J making it’s way onto Ellie’s Halcyon Days repack), he went back into the lab to reinvent his Passion Pit mix under his latest production guise, Noah Breakfast.

In a complete departure from his high-energy Xaph mix of the same track (which we sincerely do hope will still see the light of day someday), he turns up the atmosphere and adorns “Conversations” in coming-of-age synths and twinkling plunks, all served on a silver platter amongst spaced-out Angelakos’ vocals. And then he flips the switch in the bridge and things go full Breakfast club, on some R&B&B shit as Xaph brings Juicy J’s “Convos” feature into the mix to round out the main course. Breakfast is served.

[ngrpostplayer title=”CONSTANT CONVERSATIONS (NOAH BREAKFAST REMIX) – PASSION PIT” link=”” download=””]

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