September 30, 2009


Regardless of how the next three months play out, Erik Hassle‘s “Hurtful” is going to go down as one of our absolute favorite singles of the year and Penguin Prison as one of our most exciting new prospects for 2010. Thus, we can barely contain our excitement at the beautiful union of the two on this here remix supporting the upcoming UK single release of “Hurtful”. As usual, Penguin takes the blueprint laid down on the original and drops a choice groove over it, taking it from the pop charts to indie discos with athletic ease. He’s a special guy, that Penguin Prison.

MP3: “Hurtful” (Penguin Prison Remix) – Erik Hassle [exclusive]

In other news, the wonderful Huw Stephens will be premiering “Under The Sheets”, the massive debut single from Ellie Goulding (out on Neon Gold in November) on Radio 1 tonight. EXCITED MUCH? Tune in here from 9pm GMT for all the glory.

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