June 20, 2014


Los Angeles’ Wildcat! Wildcat! have held a special place in our hearts ever since their electrifying debut found its way into the world with us two years back. Flash forward to today and they’re debut longplayer, No Moon At All, is cresting over the horizon as the trio prepare its release later this summer. They announce its impending arrival with brand new cut, “Hero, a power anthem for the anti-hero and quite possibly the band’s best offering to date. As the synths roar to life, it surges forward and shapeshifts into a sharp-tongued, synth-fueled behemoth, fangs bared and fearless. Gone may be the sunny disposition of Wildcat yore, but dark skies have never sounded so good. No Moon At All is out August 5th on Downtown, and to celebrate, we’re welcoming W!W! back to our fair city with arms wide open, presenting their triumphant return to Brooklyn on August 12th at Glasslands with support from Marley Carroll and High Chief. Tickets available now HERE, don’t sleep on this one.

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