August 26, 2014


VÉRITÉ‘s been all up on our radar in a big way since unleashing debut single “Heartbeat” and sophomore stunner “Strange Enough” on the world earlier this year, but today marks a quantum leap to the next level with her latest offering “Weekend”. Revving to life like an open-road Lana heartbreaker racing down dimly lit streets, it steadily picks up steam as it transforms into an absolute belter of alt pop escapism that feels entirely her own. From the teen dream lyrics to its skywriter synths and supercharged vocals, “Weekend” is one of the best unsigned records you’ll hear all year, and yet another reason we’re quite sure that VÉRITÉ is the absolute truth and then some. Fall in love below and catch VÉRITÉ making her hotly-anticipated live debut with ASTR at Popshop next month, advance tickets still available HERE.

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