October 16, 2013


There are pop stars who “get it” and then there are pop stars who don’t, and Tove Lo is decidedly one of the ones who gets it. We were fortunate enough to sit down with her last spring, and holy shit does this girl have it together; she knows what she wants, and there’s not a doubt in our mind that she’s going to get it. Since dropping one of the year’s best singles (pop or otherwise) in “Habits” earlier this year, Lo has quietly signed a deal with Universal and been plotting her imminent takeover ever since. And the takeover officially starts… now. Today, she returns with the immense follow-up “Out Of Mind,” a power ballad shadowed with pain and promise, bursting with vocals that scrape the sky and then tumble down the melody like an avalanche. This is pure, unabashed, classic pop, and yet another reason we fully expect Tove to be Sweden’s next massive thing and one of the breakout international acts of next year.

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