March 7, 2014


We’re so late on this stunning debut from Seinabo Sey it’s criminal, but when a song this timeless comes along, it hardly matters. “Younger” finds the 23-year-old Stockholm-via-Gambia soul singer dropping one of the most impressive debut vocals of the year and sending her message up with the forceful brilliance of fireworks from a rooftop: “You might as well get it when you can, babe / Cause you know, you ain’t getting any younger, younger, younger, are you?”

We’ll take her advice if only because it feels impossible not to: from the sanctified distortion of the opening organ to the propulsive, militant percussion that tugs against the euphoria of Sey’s vocal performance, “Younger” grabs you from first note and never lets up. Sey’s innate, electric command and charisma is rare even in our current power-pop paradise, and with the help of producer Magnus Lidehäll (who hit a similar sweet spot with Mapei’s perfect “Don’t Wait”), she’s immediately become a voice to watch in 2014. Get it while you can, babe, streaming below.

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