October 23, 2013


Last week we told you NONONO looked set to be one of the international breakout acts of CMJ, and the Stockholm trio didn’t disappoint. Packing an arena-sized live show and lighting rig into Mercury Lounge on Tuesday, it was one of the most impressive US debuts we’ve witnessed, and this week they’re set to do it all over again on the west coast. To celebrate their LA headline debut on Popshop West tomorrow, we’ve got this exclusive Jane Doze remix of NNN’s current hit “Pumpin Blood”, a fist-pumping, club-thumping battle cry of uplifting electro that vamps and revamps like a restless nocturnal beast. The remix is available for free in exchange for an email HERE, as well as on free tour samplers available only at shows. Exclusive stream below, and get your Popshop West tickets HERE before they sell out (which, be warned, could be literally any minute now).

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