December 28, 2012


With our Sound of 2013 list hitting the streets yesterday and the twilight of 2012 firmly upon us, it’s time to take one final look back at the sunset in the rearview before diving headfirst into the new year. Singles have always been our preferred music format, so as is tradition at this point, we present to you our Top Singles of 2012 list. As per usual, the only requirements mandate that all songs had to have been released in 2012 (either as a single or on a full-length) and that they can’t have been released through Neon Gold, so as to offset the heavy familial bias that would be running rampant throughout this list without some guidelines in place. Streams and downloads (where permitted) available via Soundcloud and Spotify below, let’s gooo.

[ngrpostplayer title=”SOME NIGHTS – FUN.” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”LIES – MARINA & THE DIAMONDS” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”WINGS – HAERTS” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”JASMINE – JAI PAUL” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”SWEATER WEATHER – THE NEIGHBORHOOD” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”I LOVE IT – ICONA POP” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”FITZPLEASURE – ALT-J” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”HEARTBEAT – JJAMZ” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”LOSING YOU – SOLANGE” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”SWEET NOTHING (FT. FLORENCE WELCH) – CALVIN HARRIS” link=”” download=”″]

[ngrpostplayer title=”TROUBLE – TAYLOR SWIFT” link=”” download=”″]

[ngrpostplayer title=”FRIVOLOUS LIFE – YESYOU” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”WALK ON BY – NOOSA” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”CLIMAX – USHER” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”YOU\’RE THE ONE – CHARLI XCX” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”BREEZEBLOCKS – ALT-J” link=”” download=””]

[ngrpostplayer title=”FIVE SECONDS – TWIN SHADOW” link=”” download=””]

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