May 6, 2014


Miniature Tigers are one of the most underrated bands in the game, but something tells us that’s all about to change with the arrival of their new record, Cruel Runnings, next month. After debuting the permasummer lead single “Swimming Pool Blues” in these pages back in February, we’re here today to premiere the album’s banner moment, the impossibly excellent “We Used To Be The Shit”. Pep rally percussion and bouncing castle keys lay the foundation for a tidal wave of dreamweaving melodies and bittersweet sugar highs, as frontman Charlie Brand sums up a relationship in its twilight with one of the finest couplets in recent memory: “our love was warm like a VHS tape of Aladdin / now our love’s so cold, laserdisc of Cruel Intentions“. Preorder Cruel Runnings HERE, and keep an eye out for Miniature Tigers coming to a Neon Gold stage near you soon.

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