January 23, 2014


marlene (1)
We could go on forever about Marlene ∞. The Swedish starlet first graced our pages with her debut single back in August but today she’s back with her latest, “Stay Awake”, and it picks up exactly where this whole torrid love affair left off. As ominous sirens blare in the intro, Marlene goes in with the kind of bubblegum-popping ’90s diva sass that we can get behind in any decade. It’s magical realism at its most soul-piercing, as Marlene’s vixen vox ripple through you like searing serotonin, delicate piano flourishes and all, keeping you up at night in the best way possible. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the wildin’ jubilee synths and future-classic disco production smacks of Queen Bey and The-Dream’s “Schoolin Life”. Exclusive premiere below, y’all, this one’s worth staying up for.

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