September 18, 2013


Our new favorite sons Magic Man have been making serious waves since dropping their debut EP proper You Are Here digitally last week, and it’s only just the tip of the iceberg for this lot. Yesterday, the physical release arrived a week early looking fresh-to-death on 10″ transparent aquamarine vinyl, and to ring it in, we thought we’d throw some shine on the EP’s other brand new standout “Waves”. All uplifting, life-affirming melodies and swirling instrumental wizardry, it washes over you with a gentle nostalgia and wistful longing. Don’t miss the Magicians playing Terminal 5 with Walk the Moon this Friday, where you’ll have an opportunity to cop the EP in person if you haven’t already placed your order online in the Neon Gold Shop. Trust us, this is one for the collection.

[ngrpostplayer title=”WAVES – MAGIC MAN” link=””]

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