November 4, 2013


We have endless love for our Magic Man guys, and while they’ve doled out no shortage of thunder-stealing remixes for other acts over the past few months, it’s kind of been a one way street to this point. That all changes today though, as the first great remix of Magic Man arrives courtesy of the great Danes, New Politics, who take the Bostoners’ globetrotting anthem “Paris” around the world and back again in just over four minutes. As the inverted synths dip into the track’s buzzsaw backbone and Alex’s vocals soar high across the Atlantic, Politics strip away all of the Passion Pit underpinnings, set their sights on the future, and push things into hyperdrive. Catch Magic Man and New Politics kicking the new year off right, as they hit the road together in January and February for Magic Man’s first coast-to-coast US run (full tour dates HERE).

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