June 18, 2014


Our anticipation for Magic Man’s Before The Waves – their stunning debut LP, and our second official full-length release – has been building for nearly three years at this point, our heart and fervor for this five-piece solidifying alongside the band’s triumphant, undeniable sound. Now, just a few weeks out from the album’s July 8th release date, the band unveil “It All Starts Here,” a teaser track rife with all-American enchantment that closes out the album with all of the grandiose fanfare you’d expect from a band that’s come to hang their hat on their effortless penchant for the epic. “Starts” hits you like a headlong sunrise romance whose ambient discipline and gradual, heart-tugging build towards wordless epiphany reminds you of Neon Bible-era Arcade Fire, as the track marches relentlessly forward with an inexorable persistence not seen on this level since Arcade’s “Keep The Car Running”. The track’s all yours when you preorder Before The Waves, out next month just in time for the band’s debut west coast headline run. Get. Involved.

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