November 16, 2011


Word of our latest Neon Golden girl has been spreading like wildfire of late, so it’s high time we introduce you to Loui Rose Allen, set to join our family tree with the release of her debut single in the new year. Known as Foxes on the streets, this 22-year old superstar in waiting writes leftfield pop anthems with the kind of infectious ambition that has desk-strapped A&Rs foaming at the checkbook. Nowhere is this more evident than on her uplifting debut single “Youth”, an endlessly unique and massively anthemic debut offering that takes us back to the special days of Marina‘s “Obsessions”. Vocally, we might call it a bittersweet fusion of Ellie Goulding and Clare Maguire if we weren’t ourselves sick of the never-ending carousel of comparisons that befalls every new female vocalist these days, but the songwriting puts Foxes well and truly in a league of her own here.

Riding high on the wings of some of the most dynamic pop production we’ve heard in ages, Foxes delivers each verse like a tiny bombshell sliding down to explode silently in your chest and wreak havoc on your heartstrings. Grinding industrial percussion and resplendent synths cross paths before your very eyes, emotion flowing like sonic teardrops and mounting steadily to create a veritable waterfall of unrelenting pop brilliance. Things die down for a spell halfway through, but by the time the floodgates open and those soaring synths take to the skies in the bridge, it’s game, set, and match – this round’s gone to Foxes.

DOWNLOAD: “Youth” – Foxes [exclusive]

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