January 15, 2014


Great Good Fine Ok have only been around for a hot second, but already they’re making waves with just about everything they do. The same can be said for LA’s Le Youth, whose debut single “C O O L” – in all it’s Cassiesampling glory – became of one of the defining dance records of last summer in the UK and beyond.

Today their ever-ascendant stars cross paths in the remix stratosphere, as the Great Goods take on Le Youth’s hotly anticipated sophomore single “Dance With Me”. Picking up where “C O O L” left off, “Dance With Me” flips another classic 90’s R&B sample from TLC‘s “No Scrubs” and caps it off with a fierce set of bars from Florida MC (and recent Popshop grad) Dominique Young Unique. But GGFO take it all a step further, hopping back in the Delorean and taking throttling the original past the 90’s and deep into the 80’s with nothing but a haze of nostalgia and twinkling synths in their wake. Cop the exclusive premiere below.

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