February 19, 2014


We’ve met quite a few popstars in our day, and we can say without a shadow of doubt that Tove Lo is one of the great ones, destined for truly massive things in the year to come and beyond. And so it’s with great pleasure that we welcome her to the Neon Gold family today, as we prepare her debut Truth Serum EP for release March 4th ahead of her stateside live debut at SXSW.

Far and away the best straight-ahead popstar we’ve worked with since the early days of Ellie and Marina, Tove arrives with a six-shooter EP bursting at the seams with widescreen pop anthems. Those familiar with Tove no doubt already know and love early offerings “Love Ballad” (smash), “Out of Mind” (smash) and lead single “Habits” (SMASH), but Truth Serum goes above and beyond to deliver three more massive additions to Tove’s oeuvre. “Paradise” rumbles through three minutes of spaced-out jungle-and-bass while “Over” nails the EP’s unabashed superballad moment, but it’s “Not On Drugs” that stands out as the best new offering of the bunch with its skyscraping melodies and planets-colliding pop gravitas.

It’s a blistering debut through and through, a twisted wonderland of bleeding hearts and party favors, all dressed up in a hot pink ski mask and string bikini. Truth Serum is out in two weeks’ time on mega-limited edition pink cadillac 10″ vinyl and already feels like an instant pop classic. Stream lead single “Habits” below and get your preorder in HERE, because let’s face it, this one’s a collector’s item.

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