January 7, 2014


We’ve been singing the praises of ASTR since the hometown heroes first made their starburst debut on these very pages with “Operate” last spring, and it’s been nothing but net ever since, from subsequent singles “R U With Me” and “Razor” to their grand slam live show. So it’s with boundless excitement that we announce their six-shooter debut 10″ EP, Varsity, out on Neon Gold this month.

Black magic pop at its most vital, every drop of the EP is as precious as it is vicious, from the seaside frights of leadoff hitter “We Fall Down” through their grand finale cover of Drake’s year-defining smash “Hold On We’re Going Home”. Elsewhere, spotlight singles “Operate” and “R U With Me” still sound as devilishly sharp as ever, the latter standing out as a ride-or-die anthem-in-waiting on some Bonnie and Clyde shit for the next generation. All in all, Varsity is a space-age letterman headrush that just doesn’t quit, dripping with you can’t sit with us cool from start to finish. Available everywhere on fresh-to-death white 10″ vinyl January 21st, drop down and get your preorder on HERE. And don’t forget the EP launch party the week prior at our Popshop relaunch January 16th, going down at Westway FREE ENTRY with RSVP via our friends at DoNYC HERE. R U with us?

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