November 7, 2013


Well guys, dreams do come true. Miami Horror have been our favorite Australian export since forever so we’re pleased to announce that our dream 7″ single is arriving next week at long last. You’ve already heard and fallen in love with their latest and greatest “Real Slow”, and now they’ve got a brand new video for it and “visually ravishing” is quite the understatement. Brilliantly envisioned by director Victor Pakpour, it’s a woozy new-wave fantasy that screams summer at the top of its lungs and basks in its own wonder. Between the gloriously slow tracking shots and stylized action, you just can’t go wrong with n00d Froot Loops, swimming pools, and clean getaways. Get carried away with it below and keep an eye out for lead single, “Colours In The Sky”, next week. The Miami Horror 7″ is officially out November 12th on Neon Gold and available for preorder HERE.

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