January 5, 2012


A new year means an exciting new class of Neon Gold acts to introduce, and we’re hitting the ground running with the lovely Foxes, whose AA-side debut single “Youth”/”Home” celebrates our 30th release and stands out as one of our absolute strongest to date. Carrying on the torch for empowered female pop from Neon Gold alums Marina & The Diamonds and Ellie Goulding, Foxes’ debut 7″ is a supercharged one-two punch with “Youth” leading the way and “Home” driving things home on the flip.

Loui Rose Allen (that’s Foxes to you) has the piercing voice of an angel with an arrow lodged in her heart, and the rise and fall of the A-side’s dynastic production mirrors our female lead’s coming of age perfectly at the rapturous breakdown. On top of that, the ferocious drop results in a lingering afterglow that radiates with the emotional gravitas of a thousand dreams coming true. On the AA-side, “Home” has a certain Chairlift-ed charm about it, opening like an unassuming lullaby that skips the caterpillar stage altogether and goes from zero to butterfly in barely a minute. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the electronic flutters of this natural anthem have the same resonating impact as a lost (and now found) B-side from The Postal Service. Together they’re the perfect way to launch the Neon Gold Class of 2012, and you better believe you’ll be hearing a lot more out of Foxes’ camp in the year to come. The official release date is January 16, but you can get your preorder on now from the Neon Gold Shop. Act now before it’s too late, this one is a treasure.

DOWNLOAD: “Youth” – Foxes

STREAM: “Home” – Foxes

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