January 25, 2010


Monarchy have been generating some serious buzz over the past few months, debuting a flurry of amazing tracks around the blogs and causing rampant speculation as to their true identities. Rumoured to be the same pop masterminds behind Milke and amazing tracks like “Love Get Out of My Way”, they’re finally ready to unleash their much-hyped debut single “Gold In The Fire” on limited edition 7″ vinyl with us early next month. Coming off like the halfway point between the cosmic soul of Magistrates (R.I.P.) and an even more disco-centric Friendly Fires, “Gold In The Fire” slays on the A-side while “Black The Colour of My Heart” shines on the flipside with Timbaland-esque drum loops and the dramatic synth washes of Royksopp. Both “Gold” and “Black” have been kicking about for a minute now, but we’ve got them available below as a special Monarchy double drop to remind you what you may or may not have been missing out on.

MP3: “Gold In The Fire” – Monarchy
MP3: “Black The Colour of My Heart” – Monarchy

The single’s out February 1st and comes sporting the bands signature cover artwork, and will be available as usual from the Neon Gold Shop in the US and at Puregroove for our international customers. Given the hype this lot have generated so far, we don’t expect this one to stay on shelves long, so get a-steppin’ friends.

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