June 10, 2009


And so the relentless onslaught of summer releases continues. Not unlike previous Neon Gold all-stars Passion Pit and Yes Giantess, the story of Wolf Gang began with Max McElligott penning massive pop anthems in the solitary confines of his bedroom. Having since formed a band around him, he’s now set to take his craft to the world stage, and “Pieces of You” is the debut single before they no doubt become a global pop machine in the months to come. Fusing everything from the grooves of David Byrne to the widescreen soundscapes of Arcade Fire and the timeless pop of Smokey Robinson, “Pieces” is a pastiche of influences plucked from bygone eras and beautifully reimagined in a modern context. With a chorus that descends from the heavens and just erupts like an avalanche of sound and emotion, it’s one of our favorite tracks of the year and we’re thrilled to be bringing it into the world on Neon Gold.

“Pieces of You” – Wolf Gang

On the flipside, “The Kill” hits a more ominous and foreboding note, as hospital synths swoon and swirl across the mix and McElligott – who also designed the artwork for the record – sings with a dark urgency reflective of the current global crisis at hand. And as you’ve probably come to expect by now, we’ve got a shit ton of hot remixes coming through from the liks of Yes Giantess, We Have Band and Disco Bloodbath, plus many more. Preorder is available now from the Neon Gold Shop for US customers or from Puregroove for our International customers. As per usual, only 500 copies available worldwide so don’t sleep.

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