August 18, 2014


Our girl Charli XCX is well on her way to becoming one of the biggest popstars in the known universe, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be along for the ride as we announce her sophomore album Sucker as our first full-length release through Neon Gold / Atlantic. And with this news comes a massive exclamation point in the form of lead single “Break the Rules”, incontrovertible evidence that Charli’s not only closing out 2014 as The Year of XCX but staking serious claim to 2015 too.

“Break the Rules” starts hard, fuzzed, halfway through a three-day bender; Charli works a lo-fi Liz Phair swagger over a revving, shit-hot bassline, which pulls back suddenly to let the track go transcendent for one of the best (and most timely) hooks of the year: I don’t want to go to school / I just want to break the rules. The synth builds – hysterical and ecstatic – under the gravity of the refrain, and where a lesser song might take the easy way out with an EDM drop, the song’s universe shatters in a different way as it takes flight on a wordless refrain that’s one of the sharpest hooks you’ll encounter all year. The song builds and builds until the grand finale, as Charli takes us out on her original tip: all motorcycles and leather, a na-na-na-na-na riff tossed over her shoulder as she rides off into the sunset.

It’s all the insouciance and effortless pop savvy you’ve come to expect from your favorite emerging pop star, mapped onto a genre-straddling announcement that she’s about to turn her game up HARD. Sucker‘s out October 21st so there’s no time to be wasted; fuck off school and stream the biggest anthem of the fall below.

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