January 17, 2014


Fresh off a debut year that can only be described as ***Flawless, Wet‘s coming in hot with a remix of Cardiknox‘s “Technicolor Dreaming” that’s as deft and seductive as the singles that put the Brooklyn trio on repeat in 2013. Where the original burst with anarchic, disco-bright synth exuberance, Wet nudges Cardiknox’s buoyant pop melody into something gorgeously woozy, deconstructing it against a pitch-dark, thundering beat. It’s a disarmingly good first remix from a band that hasn’t made a single misstep and an unexpected facet on the gem of Cardiknox, who’s already sold out their headline debut at Mercury Lounge this Saturday. Get in there if you can find a way, and don’t even think about missing Wet at February 6th’s Popshop at the Westway.

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